Tension exists between the manufacturing requirements of fabric production and our clients’ need for Kanban delivery, inventory cost management, and speed to market. We have inventory management systems that remedy these challenges.


Signet Mills is a key supplier to industry leaders within the automotive sector. We have the know-how and systems in place to create fabrics and service clients in this demanding market. Our fabrics are essential substrates in many of the most complex composites used in automotive interiors.


Signet Mills excels in producing fabrics used in downstream industrial applications. We have a strong history in producing fabrics used in composite packages. From laminators to coaters, we have the ability to service clients in this diverse market.


The medical market requires suppliers to manage not only engineered fabric specifications, but a host of compliance requirements. Signet Mills’ internal laboratory capabilities and expertise in compliance management have empowered us to be a proven supplier to the medical markets.


Signet Mills has created niches within the large apparel market where we provide extraordinary value. We are a supplier in the footwear, military, and organic cotton markets, among others. Apparel applications which require engineered fabrics are a good fit for Signet Mills’ unique value proposition.

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