Custom Solutions

We offer flexible and creative supply chain solutions that allow our clients to consolidate business with us as a single point of purchase for most fabric formations.

From Concept to Commercialization

1When the specialty graphics industry needed a fabric that provided greater durability with latex inks, we worked to develop and commercialize a product that was picture perfect.

2When a client in the healthcare industry needed help with a ‘smart fabric’ to assist in fall management, we engineered an electrically conductive fabric that integrated with our clients’ fall management monitoring system. The result was a highly effective, integrated fall management device.

3When our military needed technical knee and elbow protection pads for combat troops, we engineered a fabric that was not only extremely durable, but was comfortable to wear and absorbed infrared radiation to help our soldiers stay undetected in combat zones.

4A leading automotive supplier required a high stretch fabric without spandex. We worked to develop a specialty yarn, as well as proprietary finishing techniques in order to meet our client’s objectives. This empowered our client to gain new business by providing the marketplace with innovative technology.

5A client using an approved mesh fabric discovered an issue in downstream manufacturing that resulted in the fabric tearing at high stress points. As opposed to the client having to re-engineer downstream manufacturing, Signet Mills was able to modify the fabric formation to ensure that the fabric could handle additional stress in the client’s production process.

These are just a few examples of real life situations where Signet Mills has provided our clients with fabric solutions. Our expertise lies in a keen understanding of fabric production and how fabrics behave in various textile products. We know “one size does not fit all” when it comes to fabric. Signet Mills builds into each engineered fabric a series of custom production steps to ensure fabric performance in downstream processing. We have an established track record for exceeding clients’ requirements. This is why our average client has been with us for more than a decade.

What Makes Us Different

At Signet Mills, careful communication is central to all client interactions. We believe relationships are the foundation from which all lasting business grows. This is why we have a client manager for every account. The client manager is someone who becomes part of your team. A fabric expert whom you can count on to proactively seek solutions at every turn; whether it’s research and development, or just as a market resource. Your client manager is there to serve you – the client.

Custom Manufacturing

Signet Mills is a specialty manufacturer. We make all our fabric to client engineered requirements. Our process starts by obtaining an understanding of the critical-to-quality attributes of a project. From that point, we effectively manage development through commercialization to ensure that the service and product perform to client expectations.

Our Process

Maintaining an industry-leading level of thoroughness with a detailed eye on every step of the process is not easy. However, our experience and methods have helped us create a sound process which ensures top-notch performance.

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