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Total Cost of Ownership

Managed Inventory

Product Development

We lead the industry in 4 ways:

Real Savings

  • We are experts at lowering our customer’s costs in fabric design, development, production and inventory.
  • We avoid the costly mistakes that others make.
  • Others may offer a lower purchase price, but they will cost you thousands more in cost-of-quality, production inefficiencies, inventory costs, delayed responsiveness, higher minimums, and longer lead times.
  • Reduced inventory costs – Our inventory management programs will significantly reduce your inventory carrying costs. We produce your product according to an agreed-upon schedule. Then we hold your inventory until you need it. You only pay for it under your standard terms when we ship it, saving you thousands of dollars per year.
  • Lower minimums – While many mills require large minimums that customers are required to purchase at one time, Signet Mills offers the industry’s lowest minimum order quantities and minimum color quantities.
  • Smallest dye lots in the industry – No one else offers lot sizes as low as 200 lbs.

Shortest Lead Times

  • Our personalized Inventory Management Systems (IMS) reduce client lead times by over 80%.
  • IMS programs reduce inventory carrying costs by over 50%.
  • IMS programs provide you with fabric in the quantities you need, when you need it!
  • You only pay for your fabric under your standard terms when you pull it from inventory.
  • Being owned and operated 100% in the US reduces supply chain risk.

Best Customer Service & Responsiveness

  • The industry’s best automated order tracking and status reporting.
  • Immediate responsiveness – Signet Mills is known industry-wide for providing exceptional customer service. Your dedicated Business Manager ensures you receive prompt and professional service.
  • Our dedicated Business Managers are focused on your specific needs in all facets of the customer experience.

Strongest Process Innovation

  • Industry-leading development and production efficiency.
  • ISO 9001:2015 certified.
  • No one knows more than we do about fabric design and performance.
  • We have maintained and have immediate access to all our fabric developments since the company’s inception in 1938.
ISO 9001:2015 Certified QMS
Contact Us 864-595-9900
ISO 9001:2015 Certified QMS
Contact Us 864-595-9900